Crochet Mat

I actually made this as a photo prop, but I’m considering making a larger one for my house. Enjoy. 🙂

What you need (for a large mat):

  • Poly-Cotton fabric (2-3 yards) – I spent $1 on a yard of fabric at a thrift store to make my small one.
  • Crochet Hook – I just used the largest size I had. (The larger the hook, the looser your stitches will be.)
  • Scissors

Step One: Cut your fabric into one long piece strip about 1″ wide by cutting the fabric in a zigzag pattern. (cut almost to the end, leave it connected, then turn it around and cut again until you almost get to the other end).

Step Two: Begin by making a chain of about 6 slip stictches. Start by wrapping the fabric around the hook three times, pull the third loop through the first too and you have your first link. Do this 5 more times then put your hook back through the first link to create a circle.

Step Three: Put the hook through the first link so you now have two loops around the hook. Wrap the fabric around the hook so there are three loops and pull through the first two loops on the hook. See images.


Step Four: Stitch the circle until you are 3-4 circles from the original center. Place a marker on one of your stitches (I used a pony tail and just included it in a stitch).

From this point on, every other round you make you need to do two normal stitches, 1 in each loop, followed by 1 loop with 2 stictches in it. This will gradually widen your circle and allow your mat to lay flat.

When you reach the end, complete a slip stitch by bringing the end of the fabric all the way through the loop and tie a knot.Cut the marker from the mat.


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