Chalk Boards

I love the Shopping List and the Menu boards I’ve seen. So, I merged mine. 🙂 I got the board for FREE at BMC West (see the 2×4 post for tips). And the chalk board paint is expensive, $21! But I didn’t even use half of it and I painted two boards and put several coats on each. So, I will be looking for more things to paint.
Anyway, after I painted them, I used the cricut and made my letters. I used decppague to glue them on. Make sure to use a wet rag and wipe around the letters when you paint them on so it doesn’t ruin the chalk board surface anywhere you want to be able to write.

To give me space to write my shopping list items and my menu, I used ribbon and a hot glue gun to separate my board. Here is what I came up with:


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