Carnival Birthday Party

For birthdays in our house we give the kids an option, you can have 1 big present, or you can have a big party. Our oldest daughter is very social and always goes for the party with a lot of her friends. Sometimes she has a co-ed party, and sometimes its all girls.

This time she wanted to have co-ed so we came up with a fun carnival birthday party and went all out.

Carnival Birthday INVITES

I made these invites, but it didn’t take too long. I found some fonts I love and some digital paper on Etsy and went to work.



Carnival Birthday Decor

The decor was easy, we ordered some handy dandy pennant banners from Oriental Trading, along with some other fun things to add to our theme.



Carnival Birthday FOOD

Then of course we had to plan on treats and snacks right? So we had popcorn, cupcakes, laffy taffy, cotton candy, and lemonade!



Carnival Birthday GAMES

And it wouldn’t be a true carnival if we didn’t have some carnival games. So we had a photo booth, 3-legged races, donuts on a string, can games, and if that wasn’t enough, we had a jump house, trampoline and play ground. Oh, and as party favors everyone got fun rub on tattoos, rainbow lollipops ans cotton candy to-go. 🙂

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