My 3 Favorite Things About Our New House

Oh my goodness! Can it be? A real blog post from me?

Yes, surprise surprise. My maternity leave is up, and back to blogging I go. I won’t lie – the end of my pregnancy was getting really rough, then our little Hudson came 15 days early, and then we moved into our new house. I’m exhausted and feel like I need a nap every day by 10am. But… I’m back and fueled by dew these days.

So to start things off, I just have to tell you how in love I am with our little man. He only wakes up once each night, he is so happy, and hardly makes noise unless he’s hangry. Not to mention he is a snuggle bug and I wear him all the time!

Then, there is our new home. I won’t lie; as we were walking around through our final walk-through I felt that it seemed smaller than I had expected. Then we put furniture in, and I don’t feel that way at all anymore. I have so much space – I’m grateful that as our family continues to grow (in size and number) we will be able to have the room we need. Someone asked me if I would build again to a larger home. And I truly don’t think so. We have what we need and I love it! Besides – the more space you have, the more space there is to clean!

So as my first post back from the past hectic 6 weeks, I wanted to share with you my EBOOK! Yes, my OCD self kept a journal through our entire building process; things we considered at the beginning, things we learned, and things we would have changed if he was foresight. 🙂 So if you are interested – it’s on Amazon and you can find it HERE.

Today I want to tell you about my three favorite parts of our new home – mainly because it might surprise you!


We’ve only had a few family members and friends stop by – mainly because we are still eye-ball deep in boxes, but even as people of stopped by for a quick tour we’ve received several compliments on 3 very specific windows. They weren’t in the original plans, I requested them. I even had to sell my husband on them more than once to get him to agree. In the end, even with many people asking me if I “was sure I wanted them” – they turned out beautiful!

I chose to scrap the step below the fireplace, drop it to the floor and add three square windows above it. It gives me enough space to still decorate my mantel (as you can see below), but the amount of light and dimension it adds to the room is well worth the hassle of getting them!


Pendant Lighting

I already wrote a post about pendant lights back when I was shopping for them, and again – I had to sell my husband on these too. I wanted glass pendants because I feel that it opens the space up rather than filling it with heavy weighted lights. And I wanted something with style; I was going fairly bland everywhere else – these could be unique. So after a lot of catalogs (lighting proved to be our absolute most challenging decision) –  I finally decided to splurge and spend extra on these two beautiful lights. In the end my husband loved how the turned out, and so do I!



In my ebook I have a few checklists to read through to help you plan for building a home. One of those items talks about considering the direction of your home. Doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Wrong. We had an East facing lot with our last home, and it would get so incredibly hot in our living space every night in the summer; we couldn’t even enjoy the back yard.

When we decided to build, we bought a west facing lot, and as we were getting close to being finished, we decided to triple the size of our patio. Rather than being around 12×12′, we expanded it to be 36×12′. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we did that. We spend so much time in our back yard in the summer that we bought a lot facing the right way, and then we added additional patio space (for not that much extra) that allows us to do that even more comfortably.

Right now our yard is being put in so we had to position the trampoline on the patio while the grass comes in. But seriously – it’s a huge trampoline, and it fits!

We have learned so much from our experience building, some good and some bad. But in the end we are very grateful for the specifics we chose and with our end result. Right now, I’m mostly looking forward to everything having a place, and everything being in it’s place. 🙂 I’m ready to feel at home.

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