Boy Bedroom Inspiration

Boys Room Inspiration

Creating a boy’s room without making it feel babyish has been a challenge. It hasn’t helped that I feel like I have been in limbo trying to decide between a rustic, modern, farmhouse and industrial style to decorate our new house in.

After hours, and I do mean hours, of online shopping, window shopping, Pinterest pinning, I have decided to slowly transition our home to an industrial style. Granted, I have to do this subtly or my hubs will catch on and flip. hehe – but seriously, he is a guy, so I have to make drastic changes in phases.

I’ve never been one for character or specific themes. I prefer colors, patterns, and textures. So I set myself on a mission to find and design my boys’ room.¬†As I was looking in my boys’ current room I was realizing I have a lot of wood tones, rustic textures etc. Rustic doesn’t fit my personality or our family in the least bit, so it all must go. I’m getting excited about getting busy making it over.

When I decorate or am working on a room, I have to focus just on that space or I will get overwhelmed and cross-design our rooms. I have to focus on one room at a time.

I was able to find several room designs I liked, and elements in the rooms that stuck out, but these four rooms are the ones that made the top of the list.

Boys Bedding

I really love the black and white checkered prints, as the bold stripes, as well as grid patterns. Here are a couple that I found that were inspired from the rooms above. (Click on images to purchase – contains affiliate links)





Boys Bed Frames

I was drawn to various room for difference pieces. In this Modern Farmhouse Boy’s Bedroom I fell in love with the high contrast white and black tones. But these bed frames and the plaid bedding are what captured my attention the fastest. I love the angles and hardware and that they still ave rounded edges without being feminine. An iron bed frame is the perfect piece of furniture that sets the tone for the industrial room.



Boy’s Bedroom Decor – It’s in the details

If I had to pick a couple rooms that overall that capture the style I’m wanting to achieve in my boy’s room, these rooms would be the ones. I love the decor, the details and pops of color. None of the rooms feel over-decorated or heavy with clutter. Some of the room designs are a little bit older based on the items in the room, but the overall designs are wonderful. Which items are your favorites?





Boy Bedroom Wall Paint

Ahhh the hardest part. At least it seems that way for me. I have a love-hate relationship with painting. I love how it looks, but I go mad until it is finished. Here are some rooms that the wall or paint designs are awesome. I seem to be drawn to dark accent walls for boy’s rooms, but do I go black, charcoal, navy or other?





Other Boy’s Bedroom Designs I Love


Donna Dotan Photography Inc.

dark-walls dresser

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