Book of Mormon Reading Schedule

Every year I start reading something new. This year our church (Latter Day Saints) is focusing on reading the Book of Mormon and studying it. Last year we focused on the New Testament. So I did some searching around and found some awesome charts and lists to help us and myself keep on track for the year. I hope you can find a chart that suites you an every member of your family.

For my personal tracking, I am using the chart in the back of my Mormon Mom Planner that I bought at In the Leafy Treetop. This planner has already been put to great use and I’m loving it. I took notes at church today and already have our major events in January scheduled out, and now it is keeping track of my reading as well. #happyocdmoment


Book of Mormon Reading with Kids

As for reading the Book of Mormon with our tiny children, it has been challenging to keep their attention and keep them involved. So when we read with them we incorporate a few other tools I’ve fallen in love with.

Our family LOVES the new ites set found at Deseret Book.


The other resource we’ve been using for our kiddos as we read are the Beginning Reader series from the Distribution Center. They are like small comic strips that walk you through the stories and lessons from the Book of Mormon. As the kids have become more familiar with the people and stories, it is easier for them to follow the stories as we read straight from the Book of Mormon.


They also keep track of their own reading charts. It is something exciting for them to look forward to This year I was given this handout and I just had to share it. 🙂 (Click on images for link to download)


Temple Book of Mormon Reading Chart

Book of Mormon 90 Day Challenge

For those who are super ambitious – check out this 90-day Book of Mormon challenge from Someone In Mind.


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