Bathroom Decor & Silhouette Cut Out

I wanted something for the bathroom wall that was going to make a statement, but not incorporate a shelf. I had a few sayings for the bath that I really liked but I wasn’t sure the best way to display them.

I went through my lumber pile in the garage and found various boards and chopped them into piece with my miter saw. I didn’t measure them out or have dimensions in mind.

After I sanded them down and cleaned up all of their edges I created a puzzle on my counter. I played with it for quite a while before coming up with a shape/creation that would work.

I attached all of the pieces with a little bit of wood glue and wood staples on the back side. Once it was dried I flipped over my new sign and sanded and painted it gray.

I then painted over the grat and created a white-wash effect over the gray paint. I followed up by sanding areas to help give it character and peek-aboo gray spots.

I cut out my vinyl lettering and shapes and used the negative space from the vinyl cut outs to create stencils on the board. I then painted the stencils with a darker charcoal paint color.

After everything was dry I peeled off all the vinyl letter stencils. I added white decoration knobs for towels and I used a hanging kit you can purchase at any hardware store and home goods store.  Ta-da

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  1. This is amazing! I’ve got to try it! Thanks for sharing, and for the great instructions. Your final product looks amazing. I found you on the Weekend re-Treat!

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