Baby Makes FIVE

Our newest addition to the family arrived a few weeks ago and we have been blissfully living our days around our house. The kiddos are happier, mommy is much happier, which then makes daddy happier. 🙂 Everything seems back to normal and has a wonderful rhythm again. (I’m trying not to hold my breathe)

Labor and delivery was wonderful. We had a few complications, but overall it was easy and both baby and I are happy and healthy. We named our sweet baby girl Aspen.

I do have to give a shout out to all labor & delivery nurses. They seriously are miracle workers. The mood and memories that I have from my deliveries with my children have often been set by the mood, temperament and treatment I received from my nurses.

I remember more amazing memories from the moments I had awesome nurses, and more frustration and discomfort from the times my nurses were not as cheerful or helpful. They are amazing women who have those jobs, and I am just so grateful that I was lucky enough to have THREE, yes THREE perfectly wonderful nurses with this delivery. Even with my complications, I can say this was probably the best delivery I’ve ever had just because of how they treated me and how supportive they were. THANK YOU!

While I was only at the hospital a total of 30 hours with this one, yep – it went quick.
I was on the receiving end of a wonderful gift that brought tears to my eyes. Though that isn’t a difficult task to a new mother, I was grateful to receive this extra reminder of how precious life and these little spirits are.

The day after I had our little baby girl a nurse came in carrying several gift bags tied with ribbon. She said that a family dropped them off and wanted every mother who had a baby on August 7th to receive one of these gifts. The family drops the gifts then quickly leaves not wanting to interact with anyone. Inside the bag was a beautiful red skirt for a newborn with a precious crocheted had with a matching ribbon. Attached to the bag was a note that read:

“Happy Birthday! Our beautiful twin daughters were born August 7, 2007. They passed away a short time later. We miss them and love to celebrate their birthday. We hope you had a wonderful day yesterday too.”

It then had a blog address where I later looked up and read the story of their sweet girls and their loss. It was a very touching story and made me hold my brand new baby girl a little tighter and longer. I am grateful for my trials and maybe someday I will understand loss more, but right now I am blessed to not have personally experienced such a trial. To that family I am grateful for their sweet reminder and gift of how precious life is and how important it is to celebrate.

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