Naming Your Baby – Baby Boy Names

I’m expecting #4, and picking a name gives me more anxiety than anything else. I probably read into it more than I should, but I feel like a name attributes to their identity, their future, their perception of themselves. (weird I know) But now we are preparing to come up with the perfect baby boy name for this little guy.

Each pregnancy I’ve started day dreaming about the baby’s name from the very beginning. Though we usually don’t have it officially decided until after the ultrasound (obviously) we’ve usually given them a first name shortly after. I just can’t stand not calling the baby something when I’m carrying them. I know lots of my friends who can’t decide on a name until they “see” them. Everyone has their own method of coming to peace with the perfect name.

We have 3 children (girl, boy, girl) and now we are expecting a second son. We are excited to even it up around here, but… we are stuck on a name. I don’t know why this pregnancy is so different but we just can’t decide. We REALLY like the name Hudson, and it will most likely be the one that sticks. But until I’ve gone through a hundred names, I just have to feel at peace that this is the right baby boy name.

But I could use some help with a baby boy name… What are your favorite BOY names? Share in the comments! 🙂

Other than busting out our baby name encyclopedia, here are some places I love to search for names.


Then the obvious slew of baby name websites, here are a few of those. 🙂

So as I’ve started brainstorming, and realizing that I have 5 months to decide, I might as well start a list from scratch and keep an open mind. Here we go.

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