Baby Blessing Dressing – Posh Frippery!

In our religion infants are blessed at a very young age. We don’t baptize them until they turn 8 years old, but they receive a blessing. You can learn more about priesthood blessings and baby blessings here. But infants are blessed in white. So I decided to make her dress! This is a quick outline of the steps I did.

I am overly proud of this little outfit because I made it without a pattern and it fit her perfectly! 🙂

I started out measuring her around the waste, chest, shoulders, length etc. I then measured the bodice and used one of her other dresses to make sure my armhole openings were large enough. I cut out two layers in silk and sewed them together so it had a liner. I then cut two separate flaps that could overlap in the back. I laid out the silk and cut out a skirt, single layer. I cute three strips of tulle at various lengths and gathered them on one end. I pinned them to the skirt so that it was equally gathered around the skirt and sewed all four layers (silk, and 3 layers of tulle) together. Then I pinned to the inside of the bodice and sewed together. For the sleeves, I cut ovals and made the sleeves and attached. Finally, I added the lace around the waistline by sewing the bottom hem. I also used some extra ribbon, white nylon, and pearls to make little booties that matched.

Here is how it turned out. The beautiful headband is from Posh Frippery.

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