Attitude of Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Last year I started a new challenge for November. There are many ways people take on sharing their blessings and things they are grateful for as we approach Thanksgiving, but I decided to do something a little different.

Gratitude Challenge

Rather than just stating my blessings and those in my life who have had an impact, I choose instead to tell them. I sit down, write a note, and send it to them. For some it may be hard to come up with 26 people they can say has had a large impact on their life, but it doesn’t all have to be people. As you review your blessings, people in your life are bound to make the list. Those days, make a point to tell them.



Thanksgiving is a celebration of our blessings and the year’s harvest. And yet at the end of each year, I can’t help but reflect on some of the things I didn’t get done. I remember my blessings, but sometimes I fail to acknowledge my own accomplishments from the year.

Attitude of Gratitude

In the past my husband and I kept small journals where we wrote down something we accomplished, and something we were grateful for every day. We did a really great job for several months, then our routine changed and the habit was quickly lost. From that experience I learned that simply acknowledging the good in my life, and my accomplishments, my approach to everything else changed. My attitude and life was better.

Whatever you decide to do this month, I encourage you to write your gratitude moments down. They will mean more to you, or to those you write too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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