I wanted to create some educational games for my daughter that weren’t just board games. So I love the was thinking about the things that we are practicing and learning and so I came up with this. It is a miniature twister board that helps her practice colors, numbers, shapes, letters, right/left, and stretch! 🙂

What you need:
Poster Boards
Wooden Dice (optional)

I used a shower curtain, but it was too thin to put a map on both sides, so I’m actually redoing mine on poster boards. I made them small, because for a 2 year old, they can only reach so far. 🙂 I purchased dice for $0.50 a piece at Porter’s crafts but I will probably only use them as my daughter gets bigger, right now I mostly tell her to find something, or to put her “right hand on the green 5” or “Left foot on the green octagon”. It forces her to think about her body, her colors, and because I put numbers and letters on the same board, she has to learn to recognize the right ones. She has loved it because each board is different, and all she has to do is flip it over and it’s a new board.

I hope you enjoy doing this with your children too!




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