A NEW Gratitude Challenge

Like so many families we do the gratitude challenge in our home during the month of November. In the past we’ve had Timmy the Turkey, and our gratitude tree. This year we are doing a sketch board, where we have to draw what we are grateful for, not just make a list. (I’ll be sure to post in a week or so when the blank space isn’t overwhelming) 🙂

But in addition to our family tradition, I have decided to do a personal gratitude activity. 
This year I picked up some fun thank you cards from Target which I just love! I have started writing thank you cards to the people in my life, from my past and people in my life today. For whatever reason, these people on my list have impacted me and have inspired me or encouraged me to be better. 
With the exception to some of my favorite things (Cafe Rio pork salads and sunflower seeds), many things on my gratitude lists are people. After all, family and friends are truly what life is about. But more than anything, I’m grateful for memories and the people I share them with. 
This year I have invited other bloggers to accept this challenge of telling people we are grateful for them, and not just counting our blessings on a gratitude tree. I will share their stories and posts as they share them between now and the end of the month. I hope you will find an activity this month that allows you to personally or publicly count your blessings and find joy and gratitude in your lives. 
Today, I’m grateful for Halloween candy my kids share. 🙂 
Don’t forget to save some of that Halloween candy for your gingerbread houses; it gives you a reason to save some rather than eating it all. 
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