5 Things To Do Before The School Year

I hate to break it to you, but the summer is half way over. Trust me, I’ve eaten my fair share of chocolate over the depressing matter already.

But as the summer is rapidly going by I realized that it means that the school year is quickly coming. And I realized that all my summer teaching goals, homework goals, etc. are not being fulfilled as much as I had hoped. So, here are 5 ideas to help you (if you are like me) get ready for the school year.

5 Things Back To School

1. Read one book a day

Taking 5-10 minutes a day to read with your kids helps them to learn new vocabulary, practice the flow of reading, and helps to improve their overall abilities. We have the local library challenge for the summer with reading, but we have been so busy I haven’t made it there more than once or twice this summer.

We also added reading 1 book a day to the daily chore chart for the kiddos. It is a fun chore where they can earn more tokens etc. (more on that later).


2. Activity Books

It is so easy to find some simple activity books and have your kids use these throughout the summer in place of coloring books. In our house the coloring stuff is never put away, so when they take a few minutes to do an activity or color an image, they are using learning skills too. Check some out on Amazon. This is a great opportunity to help them with math and science.

If your kids aren’t into workbooks, check out www.abcmouse.com. I can be helpful too depending on how young your children are. There are also amazing home school sites out there that have tons of activity pages and information you can print off. Utilize these for your kids, all levels are available.


3. Field Trips

Summer is about being outside. Take some adventures and do some outdoor learning. Teach them a new game, go to the museum or the zoo. When we do these things we make a game of it. We talk about the different types of animals, and what parts of the world they are from. Again, something so simple, can be turned into a learning experience with a little effort from mom and dad.

So far this summer, our favorite “hands on” has been about the water. (we bought a boat) And we’ve been talking about fish, landscapes, and bodies of water that we know; oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. Something so simple, can be a learning experience.


4. Hands On Activities

This summer spend time teaching your children things they won’t learn in the classroom. Teach them to cook, teach them to sew, play a sport, or even introduce them to a new type of art. Better yet, let them invent a new form of art.

Kids learn through doing, so by letting them try and do things they will be able to expand their imaginations and help them remember what they are learning.


5. Give them responsibility

With every school year comes more and new responsibilities. Transitioning from a care-free summer to high levels of responsibility can be overwhelming for kids. Help them be prepared for their new expectations and schedules by giving them responsibility and structure now.

You can do this by having them feed and walk the dog and scheduled times. Practice music lessons now on their own, set their alarm clocks, give them reading homework, have them help make breakfasts and lunches. There are a million things you can have your children start now that will help them slowly get back into the routine for school.

Prepare your kiddos so they don’t have such a shock and struggle transitioning back into a new school year.


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