5 Love Languages for Children

I have my hands full with my daughter. She’s 4 going on about 14. The problem with discipling isn’t consistancy, it’s adapting on her part. She adapts, and I have to get creative again. It seems about every 3-4 weeks this cycle replays. 🙂 A good friend of mine had mentioned the existance of this book and I went hunting for it the next week. I read it and I love it! If nothing else, it helps me to identify how I am reacting and communicating with my children.
It’s helpful if you have identified your own love language and you can understand yourself as well as your children. And it’s also good to remember that every person and child speaks all 5 languages, just 1 or 2 will be the dominant languages.
I learned a lot, and came up with some new and fun ways for rewards and discipline in our house; so far, the new ideas have been working really well and communication has been less frustrating around our house full of toddlers. 🙂
I also discovered another edition for Teens. I will be purchasing that one eventually too; and at the rate my 4-year-old is aging, it will be sooner rather than later. :/
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