45 STEM Books & Activities

I wasn’t familiar with the term “STEM” until I became a mom. And as my children begin to learn and develop strengths in school, it has been clear to me that my daughter is very interested in science, math and art. As for my son, he would spend all of his time doing math, building things with blocks, and updating everyone’s tech gear.

It was after I became I mom that I learned that “STEM” stood for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Once I made the connection about my children’s interests, I started researching STEM learning tools, toys, games, etc.

We’ve gathered quite a bit of activities over the past few years. But some of our favorite STEM resources have come in the form of books. And these books are interactive and some even list activities they can do on their own.



Recently I found a series of apps for iOS and Android that my kiddos have truly enjoyed, but I wanted something that wasn’t just in a digital format. Checkout this list of STEM books that I compiled. These range for children ages 4-14.


I just have to say, I’m so grateful that my children love math and science and enjoy researching, and learning new things on their own. I don’t ever remember reading books that were so educational outside of school, at the age my children are now.

I feel like there are so many resources available for other topics, and I’m so grateful to see STEM resources becoming more and more common with children’s toys and literature.

Some of our favorite websites or toy brands are listed below, but almost any store retailer will have STEM toys you can search on their website; I  recommend Toys R Us, Amazon and Learning Resources.

Learning Resources

Toys R Us STEM Toys


Klutz Lego Chain Recation

Amazon STEM Toy Store



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