30 Day Fitness Challenge

Being skinny is not my goal. It’s a ridiculous goal because you cannot measure it. Skinny is not a set size, but being strong, healthy and fit are things I can measure. If my muscles are toned, my BMI is healthier and I have more energy – those are things I can accomplish. I am not overweight, but after having three kids in 4 years and sitting around waiting for the Idaho winter to end, I got a little soft. 🙂

I want to feel strong and fit! So to begin easing back into working out I’ve decided to try one of these crazy 30 day challenges to get my body slowly back into the habit.
So starting April 1st (next Tuesday) I am starting my 30 day challenge. There are many out there and you can pick any 30 day challenge you want, or you can join me with mine. But here is the link for the pdf copy. I can’t wait to cross off each day off my chart as I get it done!
Swim suit season…here I come. 🙂
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  1. Woo! I started a 30 day challenge yesterday. I made it up actually. A 30x30x30 (30 exercises, 30 reps, 30 days) I might die….maybe I should just start this one with you!

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