3 Tips for Painting Your Front Door Blue

I love bright front doors, they make me happy. But knowing which color to paint a front door is overwhelming. I did decide to go with a blue front door.

I have a love hate relationship with paint; I have to pick just one color, and there are so many that I love. HARDEST. DECISION. EVER.

So I narrowed it down to blue, and I found some of my favorite blue doors to share with you. Now I need to narrow down to which one I love the most. Take a look at these blue painted doors.

Blue painted front doors
Blue painted front doors

#1 – Chancellor Design | #2 – Design Indulgences | #3 – Maria Killam | #4 & #5 – Coastal Shore Creations |  #6 – Bito Designs | #7 – AZ Life Wave

3 Tips for Painting A Blue Front Door

#1 – Be realistic.

I really love the texture of some of these doors, sadly that is not what my front door looks like right now. As I check out the colors I have to make myself envision it on my current front door with our entry way.

It’s like a hair cut, you can’t look like the girl in the photo just by cutting your hair the same way; my door won’t change to look just like these because of a paint job. 🙂 So make sure the color and tones of your house match the color and style you are looking at.

Just make sure you are being realistic with the colors and images you are using to inspire your project, make sure your expectations are realistic for your home.

#2 – What does your house look like?

Have you ever driven by a house where the trim or front door are painted a pretty color but it doesn’t match the house and the whole thing just looks awful? I have, it’s definitely not a win.

When you are looking at colors and tones, take into consideration the color of your home, the color of your trim, the style of your walk way and porch. Not every color will look right on every door.

I would suggest finding samples of doors with houses the similar color of siding or brick before you settle on one.

#3 – Not all paint is created equal.

With that being said, not all outdoor paint is meant for all outdoor projects either.

Make sure you research the brand of paint you like, find their line that is intended for outdoor use, but also make sure the paint is meant to work on the same material your door is made of.

You don’t want to redo your door because of a minor detail like this.

I love painted doors, and I hope you find the right shade for you.

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  1. I painted my door a shade of red this past summer and am in love with it. It’s so much better than what was there before. My favorite of the colors you have shown is the one with 4708 on the door. Love that color so much. It’s so happy!

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