11 Outlet Locations You Want to Have

I hate it when I get something completely decorated and ready to plug stuff in and there is no outlet anywhere close. Outlets are the key to perfect home decor it seems.

I’m not he only one this happens to right?

But when out general contractor asked us to make a list of places we would like outlets to be, my husband responded with “the normal places” and I interrupted and said I’d get them a list. 🙂 I had at least a half of dozen ideas as soon as they mentioned it.


Some things during the building process have been surprising as we move along. For example, I didn’t expect to be thinking about our fireplace so soon, or our outlets. But it makes sense, as the framing and walls go up – these things need to be decided.

Mantel – For me, I want one outlet on the top of the mantel towards the middle. This gives me the opportunity to plug in decor, lights, or just a candle warmer where it is convenient and out of reach of the chickadees.
Pantry – One of my favorite places I have planned for outlets! Some of my appliances I like to keep plugged in or keep them out, but I don’t necessarily want them on my counter. If I have a couple shelves in my pantry where there are outlets for small appliances, I can use them in the pantry without unpacking half of my kitchen to get to them.

Bathroom Drawers – One of my husband’s biggest pet peeves is when I leave my stuff on the bathroom counter. Usually my irons are left out to cool down, but then I never put them away. I really want to have a drawer with a couple outlets to plug in my irons, and to charge things like his razor or our toothbrushes. It keeps the counter clean and gives everything a place.

Office Floor or Drawer – For me, I am going to have a build in desk behind doors. So I really want to make sure I have plenty of outlets to support my printer, computer and other hardware. However, if I were to have an office or study, I would definitely want an outlet to be in the middle of the floor so that I didn’t have cords running across the carpet.

Living Room Floor – I love small decorative tables, but sometimes those tables end up in the middle of the room and I can’t put a lamp there because there isn’t a plugin. I really like the idea of having one or two outlets in the floor near the couches or sitting area. This would allow us to plugin in lamps, devices, or anything else.

Patio – We are an outdoor family. And I cannot tell you how excited I am for our East facing patio and evening entertainment this summer. With that being said, I really want a few outlets that are easily accessible outside. I love decorating with lights, or using outdoor equipment, but sometimes those things require electricity (like our blower on our blow up pool and slide). Making sure we have some close and conveniently placed outlets near our patio are a must!

Entry way (higher than floor level) – I really hate hanging cords. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. I really want an outlet a bit higher than floor level in our entry way. That way any lights, decor or lamps I may have will not have cords hanging freely behind the table or bench.

Above Cabinets – I don’t usually put too many decorations above my cabinets, but I do like a few items. Especially during Christmas, I love to put up our village set. But in the past I’ve had to get creative with disguising and running our cords. With our new home I would love to have one outlet above each set of cabinets to make these types of decor items more user friendly.

Above Washer & Dryer – In our laundry room I plan on having a countertop. But on this countertop I’m excited to have an ironing and craft space. With that in mind, I will need a couple outlets that will be placed appropriately for easy use.

Garage Work Bench area – We had a couple work benches in our last home and they were usually cluttered with saws and sanders, all fighting for counter space and outlets. This time around, I would LOVE to have more outlets at counter height for our saws and tools.

Kitchen Island – I’ve lived with islands that have had outlets on them, and some without. I’ve learned that I love islands with outlets, and I would love to have more than just two. Also, I prefer islands that have outlets that are hidden or flush with the cabinets. One on island, the outlet box stuck out and I was always catching stuff on it. But islands with outlets just provide so much more counter space or work space when baking or crafting.

There are dozens of other places you could have outlets installed, but these are the locations that I have come acrossed and wished there was one closer. Please comment if you have come across other locations where you’ve installed outlets or wish there was one.

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  1. I put outlets in the middle of the walls I planned on putting my bookcases. It has been so helpful!! I love this list…so many of these places I wish I would have added when we were building our house!

  2. Must have outlets higher on the wall where our TV will be mounted. That way no cords dangling down to try to disguise. Also cable and internet connections there as well.

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