10 Ways To Help You Remember

I am a stay-at-home-mom so therefore I lay around the house in my sweats shopping online, decorating, and casually snacking on amazing home-baked goods all day while having daily lunch dates with friends and mini photoshoots around my perfectly clean home…

Hahahaha yeah right.

I have three small children, 5, 3, and 1…therefore I do not remember anything, nor does anything get done…ever… And to say that I was looking forward to the school year starting was an understatement. I was excited to have some structure to our weekly schedule. I only have a kindergartener and preschooler but it was going to be something they could look forward to and it would give me a few more hours each day or week to get stuff done.

Well, school started over a month ago and I’m as scatterbrained as ever. Life actually got crazier! Yes I do have structure, but I also feel like I’m in my car all the time between running kids to school, piano, dance & gymnastics, and other random stuff we do as a family. Life is good. However, I can’t seem to remember a single thing anymore.

I finally had to set alarms on my phone for when I need to leave to pick kids up, drop kids off, go to appointments, making important calls. I seriously have zero memory retention these days. Then one day last week I decided I don’t have an excuse anymore. My kids are little, yes they 100% rely on me for all of their needs, but my life isn’t so hectic I can’t manage it.

So I brainstormed a few ways to help me remember my life. I sat down, pulled together my resources and the tools I use the most.

I realized I have three physical calendars, yep three, that I use daily/weekly.
I use my cell phone and digital calendars as well.
I use sticky notes WAY too much.
I write on random pieces of paper, receipts, and envelopes from mail to write notes and phone numbers on.
I also have white board markers in my bathroom for the mirror.

Basically, I try…but I am not succeeding at being organized. 🙂

I finally narrowed my resources down to just a few. I need to keep only 2 of my calendars, 1 for family and 1 for my office for various topics.

I need my iPad/phone/digital reminders.

And I need to cut back on everything else. Or at least just use 1 notebook for memos to myself, sticky notes, etc. But if I keep them in one place, I might just remember something.

But from my personal experience…don’t write on your hand or sketch a note on a receipt you will most likely end up tossing. Here are a few ways that might help keep you on time, and sane. 🙂

1 – There’s an App for that
2 – Sticky notes
3 – Markers in the bathroom
4 – Note pad in the car
5 – Planner
6 – Calendar on phone and computer
7 – Memo board
8 – Wall calendar
9 – Count your tasks
10 – Set an alarm (my favorite as of late)

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  1. The beginning of your post I was laughing pretty well because I know that is not your life. I wonder if there are really people who do live like that. I totally know what you’re saying though. I have alarms on my phone, I use an app, I have a planner and a white board. I wonder some times if we are just over scheduled.

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