10 Steps to Planning Every Party

I really enjoy celebrating birthdays with a good old fashioned party! I love parties, and we usually give the kiddos a choice between a small family party and a big gift, or the party is their gift. They usually want the party, which is fine by me.
In our family I try to celebrate birthdays by going big. Why not? My kids love their birthdays and we begin planning them a few months in advance! I know I’m crazy. But I’ve come up with a few (10!) things to consider and remember whenever you are planning an event. I had to create a solid system to help myself stay sane through our summer birthdays.
Make a guest list. I always start with this because knowing who and how many people are coming will help me decide what type of party we are going to have. By knowing how many people are coming you will know how much food to have or where you will be able to fit your guests. The guest list kind of helps mold the rest of the party. I always start here.
Once you know who is coming, you need to find a place large enough for everyone. I love that my kids have summer birthdays because it usually means we can be outside! And outdoor birthday parties are the best!
Every party needs a theme, even if it just means deciding a color scheme. But having a theme sets the tone and everything else about the party including menu and refreshments. Never pass up a theme.
The best way to communicate to your guests what kind of party you are going to have isn’t with your words, it is with your invitation. A good invitation will communicate a theme, style, dress code, entertainment, and should set all the expectations for the event. I probably spend more time on the invites than I should but I really enjoy making them and designing them helps me to also get excited for planning.
Every good party needs an amazing spread. I’m pretty certain we’ve had parties just for an excuse have an amazing meal! We have had some fun ideas for desserts and snacks for some of our parties, but I can’t wait until my kids get a little more exciting pallet so we can try some new things.
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