10 Fun Daddy-Daughter Dates

My daughter loves having daddy-daughter or mommy-daughter dates. In fact it is what she works towards when she earns her tokens throughout the week for getting her work done. And we love it too! It is so fun to go on a date with our almost-5 year old and see what an amazing young lady she is.
She is so bright, and creative, and just smart! Just having a simple conversation with her for a couple of hours about anything and everything she wants just makes her feel so special, and it is so good for our relationships with our kids to make them feel important and have our undivided attention away from the other kids.
My husband is an exceptional dad. It is so easy and natural for him and he just adores our kids. He loves taking Brecklee on his daddy-daughter dates because he just gets a chance to spoil her and dote on his girl.
One of their favorite dates is to go to the mall, play on the toys, take photos in the photo booth then either head to a clothing store for Brecklee to buy a new dress or shoes, or they head to Barnes & Noble and pick out a book together.
But here are some great ideas for other fun daddy-daughter dates. All of which have proven to be quite popular in our home. 🙂
Wow – if you can go to glow-in-the-dark bowling – you will be a hero.
My kids love bowling – it is different and so exciting.
Make it a double daddy-daughter date with a friend and his daughter!
Check out your local theaters, even the IMAX theaters can be so fun!
Our daughter loves the cheap theater because they have kid trays and fun meals for the kiddos.
Book Store
Toy Store – Pick out a fun kids game, coloring books, toys, or something else to do together.
It is so fun to go get about $5-10 in quarters then just play games until it’s gone.
Then go for an ice cream cone!
Bike Ride
Now that my daughter can ride a bike (and even before she could) she would love
to go on daddy-daughter or mommy-daughter bike rides and just visit and look around or
ride to a local park. It was good to just get out and be together.
Go Karts
We used to have a go karts place here but it shut down.
But before that we used to love going to do the kids races.
Mall Date – Outfit, Photos, Treats, Book, Games
Just like the example I shared above, my munchkin loves going to the mall and just looking around.
She usually wants pretzel bites and to play a little, then shop shop shop! (She usually has a small limit).
Kids Museum
If you live near one. Even if you don’t – most city museums will have children’s areas inside.
Planting Flowers
Go to Home Depot and pick up everything you need to plant her own flower pot!
It is fun, takes a little time, and can be educational. So many choices along the way.
Progressive Dinner
I know this is something that sounds silly and usually adults are doing it but
kids love it too! Let them pick their favorite place to have a snack, have a meal, then have dinner.
I’m guessing at least one of those places will have a play place. And make an evening or afternoon of it. 🙂
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