$10 Dollar Store Craft SOS Kit for Kids

A place for everything, and everything in its place. When we started to unpack our house I started repacking as much as possible to yard-sale and donation assigned boxes. So. Much. Crap.

I am looking forward to having the house organized again, and have a rhythm to finding what we need. In the past I always had an activity closet set up for the kids. There were totes for various activities – legos, coloring, play-dough, puzzles, beads – just organized craft time.

I hope I’m not the only mom, but I feel like I’m at a constant struggle with myself about letting my kids have fun and make messes like it’s a zoo around here, or keeping everything nice and orderly. There has to be a balance – and that’s where my craft-time totes came in.

When we were getting ready to move from my in-laws in to our new home, we had packed up all of our personal toys and the tiny amount of craft supplies we had acquired while we were there. Then, when we were supposedly less than two weeks away from moving in – our little man came 15 days before his due date. Fortuneately I planned ahead.

I had just gone to the dollar store in town and put together a $10 Craft SOS Kit. I spent $10 on ten items that will give me kids a chance to still have craft time. This was perfect for when I had to stay indoors with the baby, or we were just taking it easy but everything was packed.



My kiddos haveĀ even had fun with this boredom sos kit since we’ve moved in. I haven’t had enough time to fully unpack all of our craft supplies, but having this kit close by has saved me a couple times when I just needed to have them occupied and calm. Yay for the best $10 life saver ever!

Some dollar stores are better than others, but all of them carry plenty of supplies to be used for fun and safe DIY kids projects. Here are the items we picked out:

Dollar Store Craft Kit

  • Pom Poms
  • Poster letter stickers
  • Rainbow pipe cleaners
  • Lace butterflies
  • Pack of foam pages
  • 5×7 Chalk Board
  • Bead pack
  • Elastic craft thread
  • Scratch photo (Disney’s Frozen)
  • Tote

kids craft

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