10 Best Worst Things About Camping

I love camping! A lot of work goes into getting ready, we have lots of fun, then there is  a lot of clean up at the end of the trip. But here are the 10 best worst things about camping in my opinion. 🙂

10) I always leave for camping with a clean house, and I always come home to a dirty one.
9) My teeth never feel clean.
8) There is no such thing as a good night’s sleep while camping.
7) Making s’mores at home never taste as good as they do over a campfire while camping.
6) Even washing your hands with soap and water, your hands still don’t feel clean. 🙂
5) Things never seem to fit where they did before we went camping.
4) I have no desire to cook for about 24 hours after we get home.
3) You know you had fun when you find rocks and sticks in the dryer after you’ve done the laundry.
2) I love taking a fresh shower at home and watching all of the dirt wash away. It’s the best feeling, but then I have to clean the shower. 🙂
1) Even after doing the wash, your house still smells like campfire after you’ve returned home for a few days.

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